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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Routine Day at College..

"Shit Shit Shit.. one more attendance gone.." i managed to breathe out to myself, as i skidded to a screeching halt just when the door slammed shut right at my face. "Crap!", I blurted out. The sexagenarian yet moronic security incharge, passing by from behind, nodded in discontentment at me. I immediately thanked god for i didnt mouth the f-word, else he would have surely suspended me from college.

Sensing the drama, grinned at me from the other side of that door made of wood, with a small glass window in the centre. I tried to explain - "Mam, my bus got late", as if i was audible inside. Obviously guessing what i was animatedly trying to tell her, she passed that wicked smile again, but this time with a seemingly taunting comment. Just as i was trying to decipher what that could have been, the door creaked open. And she stood there - one hand on her waist, the other, gripping the door handle tightly, waiting to slam it again at my face.
"Did your cab got stuck in a jam? Or did it have a flat tyre? Oh I know, it must have been that girl... you got late because of her, right?". I knew this was coming. "Uhh.. Err.. Well... we forgot to pick up a person, so we had to go all the way back!", I knew she'd slam the door hearing that. "Uhh... please send those five idiots out, else i'll get bored...", THUD!

"This is the limit man! I was only 20 mins late", i shrugged. "Why did the first lecture have to be of that Teacher?
I managed to pass the rest of the 20 mins left of the lecture by loitering around the college. Entered the library (surprize surprize!), to flip through the newspaper; "What! No ET (Economic Times)!", i gasped, "What kind of a library is this!", and left. Didnt really have anything to do, so decided to utilize the rest of 10 mins in the loo. Oops, sorry, "Rest Rooms", as they call it! Stared at the mirror for quite some time, eased off and washed hands twice for no apprehensible reason. Soon, a sudden rush in that dingy lavatory suggested that it was 9:20. Time for the next lecture.

I was again greeted with that familiar grin, this time from those 'idiots' aka friends aka classmates. "Why does everyone greet me with that half-cheek up smile everytime?", I demanded despite knowing the answer. No one cared to reply. The stupid grin on their faces just emancipated into an even sillier burst of laughter. "Shutup, you morons!" i retaliated, and looked for a seat next to them. The moment i got seated and the white-board came into view, i saw her...

"What! same lecture again!", i felt like banging my head against a wall.
"She's taking this lecture too", Dhiraj broke the good news to me. I desperately searched for a wall. "Continuous one hour and forty minutes of OB!!! Thank God she didnt let me attend the first one!", i felt almost victorious. "Thank your cab you fool!", Babita aka Babe'z, seated to my left, corrected me.
"VIKAAASSSS"... screamed same teacher, deafening me for a second.
"Yes Mam", i responded, trying hard not to laugh, but failing miserably.
"Please find better excuses from next time", she continued in her trademark tantilizing manner.
"I'll try mam".

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