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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Day I'll Leave..

I sit alone, thinking about the day I’ll leave,
Friends, family and the farewell I’ll receive.
I’ll leave the sands, leave the sky, leave you, leave I,
Left would be just nostalgia, as the time would fly.

How is it going to be, I surmise a strange insecurity,
Will it be a convivial celebration or just a protocol pity.
Who would laugh and who would cry,
Who would gird me when I say my goodbye .

Will there be someone to whisper a wish in my ears,
Will there be someone to wipe away my tears.
Will there be the one whom I gave a smile,
Will there be the one who walked a while.

Have I done, given, been good enough,
Or have I made even the smooth ends rough.
Have I bothered much to be bothered about,
Or have I been a cipher that all may count out.

Will the love and lenity I gave in the past,
Will it make me and my subsistence last.
Will my ardor be revered and rewarded,
Or will I just be a bygone done and discarded.

In spite of this dubious battle,
There will be a day when I’ll have to leave.
May be I’ll bewail, may be I’ll be blithful,
Still there will be a day when I’ll have to leave.

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