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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting Certificate Error!! Here is the Solution...

Hey all,
While installing some application's on your mobile phone, sometime you get "Certificate Error" which is very annoying and bad when sometime very useful applications wont work on your mobile phone. But here is the solution, Today I am going to tell you how to Get Certificates and get your application Signed online by OPDA. Below are some steps with screenshots which works 1000% tested on many mobiles, as if you go with these steps you can install any application giving certificate error on your mobile phone. So here we go..

Step 1. Open this link: -

Step 2. Now click on register:

Step 3. As u click on register will open this window for your registration:

(If anywhere you have been asked to fill Phone Number then fill this 13123456789)

Step 4. After submitting all details It will show you “Registered Successfully”:

And the page will automatically redirects you to Login page:

Step 5. Now as u Login into your account will show you this page:

Now click on the “Apply Cer” to apply certificates for your mobile:

Step 6. Now fill the details of your mobile (Press *#06# on the home screen of your mobile to get the 15 digit IMEI number of your mobile):

As you click on submit button will show this page for 1 – 2 minutes and the redirect to next page i.e 7 stage:

Step 7. Now it will show the Model number, its IMEI, Applying time, Expire time will be blank, State will be applying and Operate will be blank:

Now you have to wait for 1 to 2 days or 24hrs to get your certificates.

Step 8. Now when your certificates has come it will look like this:

Now as you have got your certificates and want to sign an application for that you have to click on “Signing Softs”

Step 9. As you click on “Signing Softs” will show you this page to browse your application or software to sign it :

Step 10. Now as you click on Submit and Upload will show you this:

It will upload for sometime according to your broadband speed and as it finish will show you this screen:

(And Remember one thing as you sign one software, you have to refresh the same page to sign the other software)

Step 11. This is all guy’s, enjoy your phone with every application.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanx dude... I was really pissed off due2 lots of Certificate ERRORS on my Nokia X6.. But this article really made my day...Kudos to your efforts.. Btw i have some suggestions too..
1) Website www.OPDA.HK u hav mentioned is extremely slow whn accessing thru Indian ISPs, so i used proxy server to make it work fast..
2) after getting Certificate, the upload page was strucked, so i downloaded .cert & .key files from this site, and used it in "SIS Signer" (a free app) ...and it worked like i'd advise offline signing as it is fast & simple..

But thank you for your post again...U made my day..Watchin movie on newly installed Smartmovie now :) :) :)
-Serious from Mumbai